My Source - RSS & Podcasts是一款安卓手机离线rss阅读器。


google play store的更新时间: 2017-12-14


2.2.8 (28)

介绍(The description of My Source - RSS & Podcasts)

将就看吧,google play store 上的介绍就是英文的,懒得翻译了。

My Source - RSS & Podcasts is a news and podcast app that is made up by what you add to it. You start with a completely blank canvas. Add sources that you’re interested in, from news sources & podcasts from around the world. Check your favorite blogs or website that has an RSS feed. Listen to or download podcasts, share feeds with friends, or save your favorites to read later. Once items are synced there’s no need for a data connection as you can read your sources offline.




链接: 密码: e4y3 下载后去掉后缀的.ap再进行安装。